Important Global Issues



As part of my investigations carried out while creating my career plan, I wanted to identify some global social issues that I find particularly important. Clarifying these may reveal to me a more obvious personal mission to follow, providing a clear direction to search for more meaningful work.

The approach I took to searching was inspired by 80,000 Hours in Part 5 of their online career guide. They provided three criteria for a good social problem to focus on solving. It should be a problem that is:

  1. Large in Scale.
  2. Solvable.
  3. Neglected.

The organisation then goes to identify various global problems and rates them according to these criteria. These were a good starting point but were limited in quantity, and overtly focused reducing the effects of low-probability scenarios. It seemed possible that there could be better options out there. Perhaps not as sensationalist or popular as those posted by 80,000 Hours, but still would provide a meaningful work mission. It also made sense to write the argument myself for each of the issues I identify, to make sure that I truly understand them and to provide opportunities for others to comment.

Therefore, here I shall write a section for each global issue which I personally find large in scale, solvable by a collective and neglected by larger society. I shall also consider for each how I could personally fit in the collective institutions that are working to tackle the problem.

Artificial Intelligence Safety


Global Biorisk


Government Corruption


Democratic Reform


Improving Science Policy